Welcome to the Pattern West website, home of precision aerobatics information in Canada.  This site has its roots starting back with Gordy Jack’s Pattern West newsletter in the late nineties, which was handed over to Hartley at the turn of the century. It was then updated to website form and maintained by multi-time F3A Team Canada member Dave Reaville.  I’ve picked up the mantle going forward with the mission to support F3A flying in Canada through helpful resources, news, and links to the world’s pattern communities.

If you have any news, builds, equipment discoveries, events or anything else you’d like to share with the pattern community at large, please send me a note and I’ll endeavour to get it posted for you as quickly as possible.  If you have ideas or suggestions, beefs or bouquets, same deal.  I’d like to see the facebook page used for quick news; if you have something more verbose to share, please send it in.

Enjoy your visit!

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