2015 Contest Reports

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2015 BC Precision Aerobatics Championships  – by Michi Akimoto

(Editors note: Normally I would edit these reports for clarity but after reading it myself it just didn’t seem like the right thing to do…

We had 16 pilots at the contest along with good 20+ degrees nice weather over the weekend.


All 3 pilots are from local Victoria club.  Ryan Cartmell put all solid 6 rounds and finished in the 1st place.  2nd finish was our new member Steve Davis,  His 48″ Vanquish was quite smaller than Ryan’s 60cc gasser, but he got 900+ score in the last round.   3rd Bill Clements who also just became a member quite recently.   He didn’t have much practice time prior to the contest.  His score moved up round by round and by the time of round 6 his score was as twice high as his 1st round.   We’re glad to see new faces to our community as also they all mentioned that they’d come back for next year’s contests!!!


Darren Bowman and Michael Bird were in the class.  They both flew well.  Darren having more practice time put him in the 1st place followed by Michael in the 2nd.   A father of two boys, Michael picked up Hartley’s Xigris.  We’ll expect his more involvement in the next season.


No contestants in the class.


Masters was the busiest class flown at the contest as there were 7 competitors including Jim Hiller from WA USA.   Jim only flew on Saturday as he had to leave for his family activity from Sunday.  Even having only 4 flights on Saturday, he finished in the 5th.    Wayne Powell had solid 5 rounds, while Dave Blaby got one silver bullet.  Final standings are from 1st place, Wayne Powell, Dave Blaby, Bill Hawkes, Ron Kennedy, Jim Hiller, Stan Anderson and Sandy Kirk.  Sandy had some technical difficulties in his planes and he was unable to complete all maneuvers in some rounds.  At the end of the contest, Sandy also picked up Xigris from Wayne Gillis.  This plane was built by Dave Reaville.  We’ll see more action from Sandy in the following seasons, too.


As the 2015 season is almost over, we decided to try 6 rounds of next season’s P-17 sequence.   Henry Piorun, Dave Reaville and Michi Akimoto flew in the class.  Hartley Hughson decided not to fly as he just acquired his new airplane Galactik from Dave and he was not used to his new plane.   Even this was the new sequence the 3 pilots all flew reasonably well. After the very close side by side battles, from the 1st place, the final standings were Michi, Henry and Dave.

Great thanks to Michael, Janet, Kelly, Dave, Pat, Hartley who helped in preparing lunches, scoring, field arrangement, consulting etc as well as all other helpers and off course participants!  Also , thanks to Bill Hawkes for kind donation.

Everyone got their picture award and raffle prize!!!

Co-CDs, Stan Anderson / Michi Akimoto

Pattern In The Valley

CD’s:  Dave Blaby & Hartley Hughson

Scorekeeper:  Sheila Blaby

Classes/Pilots:Sportsman -0    Intermediate-2         Advanced-1  Masters-3FAI-5

Intermediate:  1st) Darren Bowman 2nd) Norm Bryson

Advanced 1st) Gordie Jack

Masters: 1st)  David Blaby 2nd) Stan Anderson 3rd) Ron Kennedy

FAI: 1st) Michi Akimoto 2nd) Dave  3rd) Henry Piorun

Of the eleven (11) pilots attending the event at the Spectrum Flyers field in Surrey, BC we had 7 out of town guests; 1 each from Kamloops, Prince George, Seattle and the Sunshine Coast as well as 3 from Vancouver Island making The Spectrum Flyers RV Park a busy place!

The weather was about perfect for the entire weekend with sunny skies and gentle breezes. Keeping hydrated was the name of the game since temperatures were hovering around the 30 – 33 range.

A big welcome to Gordie Jack coming back to Pattern a long hiatus, Welcome back Gordie!!

Many thanks go out to everyone for the support, coaching and help that made this contest a success; such a success in fact that there was NO collateral damage to any planes over the entire weekend – something we definitely hope for but do not always see.

One Day Red Deer Precision Aerobatics Contest

On July 12th, 2015 the Central Alberta Radio Fun Fliers held a one day pattern contest. We had a total of 12 pilots from intermediate to FAI.

I want to start this article with thanking the Club’s executive for CARFF’s members for allowing us to hold this event and providing the hotdogs and buns (thanks Wayne H. for bringing them over); we could’ve never done it without your support. On behave of the Pattern community, we want to say thank you!

On this contest we had the opportunity to test try Travis Sayler’s scoring program. Our CARFF member wrote this scoring program for pattern and for what we were able to see, it ran without any issues!!! Well done Travis!

I want to thank Travis Sayler and Alex Kellington, these two gents were the score keepers, they judged and to top it up Travis took the first place in intermediate and Alex took the 3rd place in the same class!! A total of 4 pilots flew in this category.

CARFF member Alex Kellington is one of the judges for Advanced on this round, he is just making sure that those lines are straight! ….or else…..

The weather was awesome, just like what we ordered! We had a sunny morning and it was fairly warm throughout the day with a very light breeze at times. Just perfect! A little bit of haze and smoke but it was clear for the most part! Our fearless pattern pilots didn’t even notice it!

This year we decided to try a new contest format. Usually Pattern contest are 2 days. Four rounds are flown on Saturday and two rounds on Sunday. Since most of our pilots are from outside of town (hint for CARFF members to support our events a bit more ) we decided to do a “one day” only event, with four rounds only, it was far more relaxing that a two days event.

Based on the feedback, the idea of one day contest was welcomed. We will probably do 2 or more one day events in the province next year, with one or two, full weekend events….Will see!

Flying was great, it was very evident that there is a motivated pattern community in Alberta which is great to see, and we had our good friends from Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton visiting and three Red Deer boys doing their very best.

Chad Northeast dominated in FAI (next time I’ll put something in his coffee “insert evil laugh here”), he has been testing his contra rotating system in his OXAI Accuracy biplane.

Chad has been testing the prototype developed by Plettenberg with the Brenner contra drive system with Falcon Props.

The picture above is Chad’s Accuracy Biplane made by Oxai.

Picture above: Chad Northeast holding his “Accuracy” Biplane made by OXAI & Will Gross holding his “Status” biplane made by Nishioka.

Final results:


1st Place: Travis Sayler  (*CARFF Member)

2nd Place: John Maher

3rd Place: Alex Kellington (*CARFF Member)


1st Place: Dennis Peperkorn

2ndPlace: Bob Charles


1stPlace: Nedim Bek

2ndPlace: Jess Desrosiers

3rdPlace: Marty Masse


1st Place: Chad Northeast

2ndPlace: Will Gross (*CARFF Member)

KMAS Challenge by Hartley Hughson

We left Sechelt early so we could stop at the RV dealer to pick up some extra parts I had ordered and have them look at some minor repairs for my new RV, then we were off to Kamloops. We got there around 5:30, John and Gloria from Calgary were already there so we hung out with them for the rest of the evening. Friday morning brought clear skies, looked like it I was going to be a warm one.

Brought all our contest and flying gear down to the pit area and started to set things up. It is a fair distance from the camping area to the flight line. Got in the box lines, set up sun shades and sent the ladies for more water, it was going to be a hot one. Throughout the day pilots showed up for practice and the ones camping were claiming their spots. Dave Blaby and Sheila were the last campers to arrive. He had the flight line poles and those we put in first thing Saturday morning.

Saturday morning again brought clear skies and at this field the sun is in the box till well after10:00 am. We had a pilots meeting and while waiting for the sun to vacate the box, talked about all kinds of pattern related things. We had two beginner Pattern Pilots, Ben Overmars, and Norm Bryson, welcome to Precision Aerobatics. By all accounts they enjoyed the experience. We started flying around 10:30. As we were small in numbers we only had one flight line. That also made finding judges difficult, but the guys were all great and sat in the chair whenever

asked. At least we didn’t have a long time in the chair. We had a quick break for lunch and got four rounds complete by 5:30. Normally a small contest like this we would be finished earlier, but temperature was hovering around 40deg. That slows you down a bit.

Rob and Christine Dover did lunch again this year, I can’t say enough about how great a job they do. Christine made cinnamon buns for Sunday morning and I got mine delivered to my door! They were excellent!

I am looking forward to working with Rob and Chris and KMAS next year. I want to thank KMAS for hosting this event, their support is what makes these events

possible. We were finished early Sunday as Darren Bowman and Brant Gladstone had damaged their planes and could not fly. They along with Henry Piorun, decided with the heat to head home early. Stan Anderson had family commitments and left Sunday morning. Glad that you all could make the contest, sorry about your planes. Thank to all that came from far and near, you guys make it happen. We were finished by 12:30, just in time for lunch. While we were eating, my score keeper was tallying up the results. No lunch for her till her job is complete . Lunch done, we handed out the awards and wrapped things up so everyone could be on their way. Again a very hot day, we packed up and headed for cooler digs.

8th Annual Gord Silver Memorial

The weather prediction for the weekend was up and down. We did have great weather for the practice day.  10 brave souls showed up to compete and we were able to start a little early due to the cloudy conditions covering up the sun, but with a strong cross wind blowing in. We were well into the 4th round and it started to spit and eventually started to rain for the next 20 hours or so. The Saturday night BBQ was hosted by Wayne and Lana Milson again this year in their shop surrounded by full size and model airplanes. This was real the first year for bad weather and we hope that it gets back on track for next year.

Harry Ells


The 22nd Annual VRCMS Precision Aerobatics Contest was completed over the Father’s Day weekend. Sunny skies & warm weather greeted competitors and supporters for the two day event. We had fourteen pilots spread over three classes and some good battles ensued in each one.

Pat & Hartley Hughson arrived Thursday evening in their brand new Arctic Fox Trailer and it was clear they were really enjoying it. As they no longer have a house, the extra few feet in the new rig is a welcome addition. Everyone had a tour and liked the interior.

With John & Gloria Maher from Calgary also having an Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel we gathered in a semicircle and compared RV notes through the weekend 🙂

Intermediate has a good battle going with Darren Bowman just holding off Sandy Kirk from the top spot. Sandy was closing but could not catch him. John Maher was third followed by John Michael Bird. JMB had some good elements but needs some additional practice to really make a challenge. With two young kids at home now time is almost non existent. Note: Round 3 actually had two tied scores… first time I have seen that.

Masters had six pilots battling for supremacy and even though one flight ended early due to a “charging anomaly”, Wayne Powell came out on top. Dave Blaby was only 34 points behind after they split three bullets (1000). Marty Massie came third as he nudged out Ron Kennedy and his Mythos S Pro. Stan Anderson bested Bill Hawkes who had some struggles with the blow in conditions. It’s all a learning curve when the winds switch to the other direction.

FAI saw Michi Akimoto retain top spot as Henry Piorun and Dave Reaville battled it out for second. Dave managed to take it by 23 points. Hartley Hughson only flew P-15 but opted to judge F-15 on the Sunday. He wanted to lay the whip to the two team members:-)

Pat Hughson did the scoring and produced individual analytics for each pilot following their respective rounds. This let the competitors check the scoring and also determine the most costly elements that they flew….if they didn’t already know 🙂  This was a big hit and I suspect we will see this at most events that run the Master Scoring software or similar.

Gloria Maher, Shelia Blaby and Kelly Reaville helped out immensely with food, score running and raffle sales through the two day event. Their open volunteering was greatly appreciated and made my job all the more easy.

Big thanks to our neighbors for letting us fly over all the areas adjacent to the field as well as those club members and others that pitched in to help set up and tear down the club equipment. No incidence or accidents and everyone left feeling like they got their moneys worth… and they better because after several years of prudent fiscal management by the CD, everyone that showed up flew and ate for free! I believe that is a first 🙂


PS Look for individual Scores soon on the NSRCA website athttp://nsrca.us/index.php/2015/canada/eventdetail/409/-/vrcms-precision-aerobatics-contest

PATTERN IN THE CITY – May 16th & 17th, 2015

CD’s:  Dave Blaby & Hartley Hughson

Scorekeeper:  Sheila Blaby

Caterers: The Gills

Cook: Ryan Hughson

Winners are:


1)    Darren Bowman


1)    Nedim Bek

2) David Blaby

3)Bill Hawkes


1) Chad Northeast

2) Michi Akimoto

3)Henry Piorun

In all twelve (12) pilots attended the event at the Spectrum Flyers field in Surrey, BC with 3 guests from Alberta, 4 from Vancouver Island and one from the Sunshine Coast making The Spectrum Flyers RV Park a busy place this weekend!

The weather was about perfect the entire weekend with partly sunny skies and gentle breezes.

There were 2 minor incidents that required some hasty field repairs that were completed and the aircraft back in the air to complete the competition.

Many thanks go out to everyone for the support, coaching and help to make this contest a success. The support from family members who graciously volunteered their time to help with the preparation, cooking and serving of a fantastic lunch of burgers, hotdogs, homemade salads and cakes, not to mention the devotion to running the scorekeeping program, was greatly appreciated!  Speaking of which, we used the new program created by Scott Smith called MasterScoring and found this program to work extremely well!  See the Pattern west page for information and links.