Pattern in the City 2016 Contest Report

May 21-22 2016

CD: Dave Blaby

Scorekeeper: Sheila Blaby

Caterers: Pizza joint

Classes/Pilots: Sportsman -2 Intermediate-1 Advanced-0 Masters-5 FAI-4
In all twelve (12) pilots attended the event at the Spectrum Flyers field in Surrey, BC with 6 guests from Vancouver Island and one from the Sunshine Coast making The Spectrum Flyers RV Park a busy place this weekend!

The weather was tough with grey skies making the planes a challenge to see clearly and the wind was nasty on Saturday.
Sunday started with partly sunny skies and gentle breezes. After the flying was done the weather deteriorated.
There was 1 minor incident that put the plane out of commission for the weekend but can be repaired; thank goodness for the backup plane! Darn those marker poles for moving…
Many thanks go out to everyone for the support, coaching and help to make this contest a success. In conclusion, a great weekend and kickoff to the 2016 season. A big thank you to all for the support and contribu_ons to this successful contest. Now to practice practice practice!!

Winners are:
Sportsman First: Craig MacQuarrie
Second: Steve Davis

Intermediate: First: John-Michael Baird

Masters: First: Darren Bowman
Second: David Blaby
Third: Ron Kennedy

FAI: First: Henry Piorun
Second: Michi Akimoto
Third: Wayne Powell
Fourth: Hartley Hughson


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