Pattern in the Valley 2016 Contest Report

This was a small but awesome contest. We had twelve contestants, 5 Intermediate, 4 Masters and 3 FAI. No Sportsmen or Advanced flyer.

Simon Durkin returned after a three year hiatus and with a borrowed 48inch Vanquish, gave the boys a schoollin’. He flew five out of six rounds and got the four bullets. Micheal Bird and Norm Bryson were second and third, separated by four points. Graig MacQuarrie and Steve Davis rounded out Intermediate.

Some very good flying in Masters as well. Darren Bowman taking top honours with Dave Blaby hot on his heels. Ron Kennedy kept talking to his plane, but being Asian, it didn’t understand him, consequently Ron was not happy with his rounds, although he did have a couple of good ones. Stan Anderson had an oops of the worst kind, he said he can now buy a new plane.

As long as you don’t look at the third place guy(me), but I think I am slowly improving, this was a nail biting contest. Michi and Henry each had three bullets, in alternating rounds. When the smoke cleared Michi won by four points. Talk about close.

The weather cooperated with warm temperatures and light winds. All in all, it was a great weekend.

Thanks to the Specktrum RC Flyers for the use of their field, Dave Blaby my co-CD and my wife for the score keeping.

2016 PITV Results