August 27, 2017 – Schedules for Masters 2018 (proposed) and FAI P and F 19 are now available on the Sequences page.

March 31, 2017 – Added a page for our 2017 F3A Team Canada along with a donation button.

February 19, 2017 – Updated the events page with all the known Western Canada and NSRCA District 8 contests.

January 7, 2017 – Looking forward to an exciting 2017 flying season!  A few changes for the site; I won’t be updating the news and the facebook page is a much better medium for that information.  I will keep it updated with the event calendar, contest reports, and media files that pattern flyers will find useful.

June 27, 2016 – Added the contest report and standing from the Gord Silver memorial contest this past weekend.  Also added some pictures from the Victoria contest.

June 21, 2017 – A note from the MAAC Pattern Chairman:

Because of the Nov. 2017 date for the WC in Qatar, some of our regular F3A pilots decided to pass this time. After the registration date for our team trials, we had three pilots sign up. Our team for 2017 is, Michi Akimoto, Henry Piorun and Xavier Mouraux.


June 19, 2016 – The Victoria Precision Aerobatics Contest was held this past weekend.  Read the contest report here.

June 17, 2016 – Preparing for the Victoria Precision Aerobatics Contest today.  Many thanks to Michi, Stan and Bill for working on the lines, tents and tables. The weather isn’t looking too promising for Saturday, but we will persevere! Nice to see so many pilots out to practice… 🙂

June 15, 2016 – Because of the Nov. 2017 date for the WC in Qatar, some of our regular F3A pilots decided to pass this time. After the registration date for our team trials, we had three pilots sign up. Our team for 2017 is Michi Akimoto, Henry Piorun and Xavier Mouraux.  Congratulations guys, make us proud!

June 7, 2016 – Updated the powerpoint references for FAI.  The new ones have more accurate drawings certain maneuvers.  Thanks to Harry Ells for providing the updates.  Also updated the info on the BC Championships, and added the basic information for the CARFF event in Red Deer, AB.

June 4, 2016 – Just received word that the KMAS event scheduled for July 2 in Kamloops has been cancelled.

May 28, 2016 – Patten in the City contest report and pictures now up!

May 23, 2016 – Just back from the Pattern in the City event – great flying and competition!  We’ll have an event report up shortly.

May 17, 2016 – Added the newly approved MAAC Precision Aerobatics rulebook to the sequences & downloads section.

May 14, 2016 – Performed a little housekeeping on the sequences page to add current info on all classes.  Looking forward to the first contest of the season next weekend at the Spectrum club!  Of course by getting minimal practice in I’m sure to be bruising some eyeballs on the judging line…

May 4, 2016 – The application form for the Canadian F3A team trials is now available.  The vent will be held in conjunction with the BQAC contest. The dates will be September 3,4 2016 with the cut off date set at June 10, 2016.

April 25, 2016 – It’s been a while!  Sometimes life gets in the way…  Anyway, the Fergus Pattern Primer has been added, Thunderpower is having another 40% off sale (still waiting for packs I ordered on the Valentine’s day 40% off sale…) and practicing has begun locally for the season!  Shaping up to be a nice year for flying.  Looks like most contests will only be flying P in FAI, and the team trials are set for Ontario, with the worlds being held in Qatar in November of 2017.

February 28, 2016 – Updated the High Country Pattern Clinic information with the sanction and link to the MAAC event page.

February 9, 2016 – Added a nice article from Paul Brine on running a contest.  For those of us running one for the first time (gulp!) this is a huge help!

February 4, 2016 – ThunderPower is having a 40% off sale through February 14.  Use coupon code “loverc”.

January 14, 2016 – Victoria contest has now been sanctioned, and the Pattern in the City event has been updated and sanctioned as well.

January 13, 2016 – Some interesting discussion on the Precision Aerobatics Committee regarding the flying of F at the team trials and local contests.  Great points pro and con; we’ll see how it turns out.  The KMAS and VRCMS contest descriptions have been updated; KMAS is now sanctioned and the VRCMS event is in the process of receiving its sanction.  My order of Thunderpower 5000s arrived today from the 50% off Black Friday sale a couple of months back.  Looking forward to flying them!

January 10, 2016 – if you’re looking for an excuse to go to Germany to fly F3A, the 2016 FAI F3A European Championship is being held July 29-August 6.  The documents can be found on the events page.

January 8, 2016 – added 2 new events for Western Canada; a pattern clinic in Kamloops and the KMAS Challenge in July.

December 24, 2015 – Wishing everyone the very best of the holiday season!  Hope there was some pattern goodness for you…

November 25, 2015 – Thunder Power Batteries are offering Buy one, get one free on everything from black Friday, November 25 through Cyber Monday, November 30th.  Get your packs for next year now!

November 11, 2015 – Added the Team Canada 2015 Technical report to the articles page, and added a link to Xavier’s F3P page.

October 24, 2015 – As most of you have already heard, Dave Reaville has taken a hiatus from R/C flying. He has been a great member of our Canadian team and of the MAAC Precision Aerobatics Committee.  When Hartley was asking for volunteers to replace Dave’s position on the committee, I put my hand up, which was subsequently presented at the zone meeting earlier this month and eventually recommended to the MAAC board for approval.  MAAC has now given their thumbs up, so now I’m on the committee!  When does the complimentary Accuracy Bipe arrive?

October 16, 2015 – We now have a real home on the web!  If you’ve found this, you’ve discovered that is our new home.  The domain was purchased and held for the last 10 years by Dezso Vaughy, a previous Canadian F3A team member.  Dezso generously agreed to transfer the domain over, and here we are!  The previous address at will be changed to a redirect shortly, after a final debugging of the new site.

October 12, 2015 – Happy Thanksgiving! In Canada anyway :-).  Added some more pdfs for the Advanced, Masters and FAI 2016-17 sequences.

October 11, 2015 – Hartley has provided an album of photos from the 2015 WCs; it’s under the links tab – Pictures.

October 8, 2015 – Thinking about next year’s Victoria Pattern contest and how to bring more folks out to the event, I thought it might be a good idea to explain how a contest works, so I’ve added a page for new pattern flyers attending their first contest.

October 5, 2105 – All edits are complete; the site should now be pretty good on mobile.  I tested with an ipad, galaxy and iphone 5 and it looks to be good to go.  Had a good day at the field yesterday, 5 pattern guys out enjoying the sun, testing new planes (congrats Stan!), new patterns and new setups.  I took a few runs through the new Masters; now I know which maneuvers I really need to work on!  Rumour has it that our intrepid Mr. Reaville has hung on to his 18MZ, so who knows?

October 2, 2015 – The site will be undergoing some maintenance over the weekend including Friday; thank you for your patience.  The goal is to make the site more mobile friendly.  Added a new “what is pattern” page and a judging page.  We need some Canadian sourced judging material, so if you’ve got anything, please send it in.

October 1, 2015 – Some news from Dave R. to pass along…

“Almost all my gear is now sold with just a couple items left on the website. Thanks to all that picked up items. Garage clean out #281 now underway:-) I sold my Oxai Accuracy to Michi so he now has two identical airframes going into the F3A Team Trials this coming summer. He sold his back up Axiome to Klaus Moser.”

September 29th, 2015 – Added a couple of reference articles, and trimming guides to the Articles page.

September 25th, 2015 – added a few more suppliers, blogs and other interesting bits from around the web.  Updated the for sale page and fixed some general formatting as well.

September 21st, 2015 – Added the proposed Masters 16-17 call sheet (see the Sequences tab) in MS Word format so you can customize to your heart’s content :-).

September 20th, 2015 – The final standings for the BC Precision Aerobatics Championships are available in pdf form here, or if you prefer it is also available in Excel.  Congratulations to all our flyers and to the champions for a job well done.  With new schedules for next year it’s going to be interesting!

September 19th, 2015 – Website updates:  I’ve added a “do it yourself” classified ad system to the for sale page.  Let me know if you run into any snags with it.  Also added a link to Dave’s sale items, some links to other pattern forums and sites, and the F3P 17 (indoor) sequence information.

September 18th, 2015 – As many already know, Wayne Powell has offered to take on the webmaster duties of the Pattern West iNews site. He has advised me that this site is now up and running and although there may be some “linking” pains initially it is ready to go. Thanks Wayne!

The functionality is much better with his WordPress publishing program so I expect some advancements in the site from the get go. Wayne is always open to any ideas that people have to improve the new site and he is available at should you have something to offer.

The new site addy is so go there and bookmark it (and delete I have already started to delete pages that I have published in the past. I will leave the 2013 and 2015 Team Canada F3A website pages for now along with all the picture albums I have published over the years… hey it’s free so enjoy them while you can. (Wayne has already linked these and will no doubt start his own albums.)

I will be adding my “For Sale” items to his “For Sale” page shortly so look for that 🙂

It’s been a pleasure to host this site for the past 15+ years and I hope to keep in touch with flying friends, club members and also follow along on their RC activities via the web.  I will be lurking around 🙂

Safe building, flying and charging!


September 17th, 2015 – Things are happening fast!!

VRCMS Contest & Website – I am pleased to report that Wayne Powell has stepped up to the plate and will not only take up the CD position of next year’s VRCMS Precision Aerobatics Contest but will also be hosting the new Precision Aerobatics Canada (or whatever it will be called) website! Thank You Wayne!!

Wayne is busy getting page information transferred over to the new site and I am helping as much as possible. Expect a notification with the new address (url) once everything is set up and completed.

K-Factor – I have one person expressing some interest in the K-Factor position but nothing concrete… any takers? Contact me at for more info.

Precision Aerobatics Committee – If your interested in representing your fellow P.A. flyers on the MAAC PAC in the BC Coastal Zone you need to “stand” and be elected/acclaimed at the next AZM… which is coming up October 4th in Surrey, BC (Event Details here) You can also contact the PAC Chairman Hartley Hughson for further details on just what you’ll be doing at

For Sale Items –  I am putting the final touches on my “For Sale” items page and will hopefully get that out shortly.  Please note that this is not a “Fire Sale” as nothing I own is cheap 🙂

From Dave Reaville:  I want to let everyone know that I am taking an extended break from the RC world. It’s hard to put into words the thought of hanging up the TX after 20 years of competitive flying but I know it’s time. This is a personal decision that I have been considering for the past eight months and is based on my need to free up time to pursue my impending retirement plan which, at this point, includes a probable move up island and the building of a new house. These all take a huge amount of time and so I will now turn my efforts towards these new challenges.

With the original printed Pattern West Newsletter being the origins of this site, it has slowly grown to be the main go to website for info on precision aerobatics in Canada. I tried hard over that period to make it topical and informative and to try to promote this part of the hobby that I so enjoyed. I did my best to be inclusive of our huge country and I am unsure really if I made any headway. I took it upon myself to try though.

I have been a longtime member of the MAAC Precision Aerobatics Committee and also thrown my two bits into the NSRCA’s K-Factor publications over the years. It been fun but also a lot of work. I have also been the Contest Director of the VRCMS Precision Aerobatics event for about 16 years now. I have been a strong proponent of Precision Aerobatics and tried my best to make it a popular part of the hobby here with good success. Five times we have sent VRCMS club members to the F3A World’s in recent years! That’s pretty good!

It has been a truly great ride over the years with travels around BC, Alberta, Washington & Oregon State, the US Nationals in Muncie numerous times, Argentina, South Africa and Switzerland of late. I have met some wonderful people and made numerous friends along the way and I will continue to have fond memories of the friendships and experiences I have enjoyed. Most of all I will miss the fun around the campsite as we all discussed ad-nauseam the state of precision aerobatics and the latest news, crash or gossip 🙂 Aside from actual competition flights this was the best part of participating for me. The beer always tasted a bit better as well 🙂

A big thank you to my fellow Canadian FAI F3A Team members that made the numerous World’s I attended into so much fun and for the most part an enjoyable experience. All those that supported me financially through donations to attend these events also deserve a thank you as well. In particular my own club the Victoria Radio Control Modelers Society. Great people!

Of course Pat & Hartley Hughson have also been a huge help whenever I asked. Always ready to lend a hand at events and I wish Hart much success with his new tool! Just don’t wreck it!

Finally without Kelly to support me in my “hobby” none of this would probably have happened so she gets the last and biggest “Thank You!”

Not sure if anyone noticed at the event but during the the last three rounds of the BCPAC event last weekend I had Michi call for me as my friend and fellow Canadian F3A Teammate, then I had Hartley call as my long time friend and the longest continuously participating precision acrobatics guy I know of in Canada, and finally for the last flight of the competition (and for me) I had Kelly call. I then proceeded to fly down the flight line putting in one last KE snap roll before greasing it on… The End.

So enough with that “news”….  what is going to happen now? …….. Well here goes…

– The VRCMS contest in a good financial state along with a committed group of flyers to carry on the event.  It will go on I am certain!

– You need to elect a new PAC Rep for the MAAC BC Coastal Zone. The AZM’s are coming up soon.

– We need a volunteer to take on the NSRCA’s K-Factor publication effective November. October is my last article (it’s already submitted) The rep would also update the NSRCA’s  Contest Results page with timely info 🙂 The NSRCA BOD want someone to step up and keep things rolling as do I.

–  Find someone to take the reins on a new website to replace this one… a fresh start with new ideas never hurts! Sorry to say but the MAAC site just doesn’t cut it for our group.. yet. Some computer publishing savy is needed of course but I managed and I have very little! This website will be shutting down once the dust settles but I will gladly link to the new one.

  1. I am the admin for the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook Page but will be turning this over to one of the many fine people who help me ban those sunglass sales people on a regular basis.

– And most importantly, to find people to buy all my RC gear! It’s all going! I will put a link up shortly on the For Sale page with what I have.

I will “pin” this to the top so look for any remaining news that I post in the coming weeks below.   


September 16th, 2015 – Added a contest report link for the BCPAC to the Events page now that Michi sent it in to me. Thanks Akimoto san. Go here to read it.

September 15th, 2015 – The scores for the BQAP event are now linked on the Events page so you can get a close look at individual scores. I expect the BCPA contest’s individual scores to be post soon. Special thanks to John Michael Bird for getting me the files asap.

September 14th, 2015 – Added pictures and results to the Events page under the BCPAC listing. I am in the process of getting the contest file and will upload this to the NSRCA Results page for Canada. I will advise when it’s up. You can then dissect the scores at your leisure 🙂 Michi Akimoto is also writing a contest report as I type this…. aren’t you Michi 🙂

I also managed to link/steal some pictures that Xavier Mouraux took of the Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers event a couple weeks ago.  It’s under that listing on the Events page as well. Harry Ells has just forwarded the contest files to me and my contact at the NSRCA will have these posted soon.

For the 2016 & 2017 flying season you can expect (at least I am) the US Masters and Advanced Schedules to be adopted in Canada. They have both been recently approved at the NSRCA Board Level and you will see them published soon. I have added the proposed schedules to the Schedules page now in pdf format and you can expect an Aresti diagram shortly.

Reminder: For Canada, these schedules have technically not been adopted so I am simply presenting them to you for your “viewing/practicing pleasure”.

The BC Championship Awards were also presented at the BCPA event with Ryan Cartmell taking Sportsman, Darren Bowman Intermediate, Gordy Jack Advanced, Dave Blaby Masters and Michi Akimoto FAI. I should have the xls file shortly with the points distribution.

September 13th, 2015 – The BCPA contest is now complete and I should have scores available on the results page and individual scores on the NSRCA site shortly. Hopefully CD Michi Akimoto will have a contest report available once he gets his family duties completed. I will get some photos posted later tonight/tomorrow.

It was great to see Jim Hiller from District 8 make the trip up to participate. He only flew the Saturday before heading out earlier today to Tofino for some R & R with his wife. The weather should have been great!

The last contest brought numerous plane changes as pilots bought & sold airframes in preparation for next season. Hartley Hughson bought my Oxai Galactik and although he had a few flights on it, really didn’t feel comfortable enough to fly it in the contest. He helped out with judging and didn’t sit idle very much. He sold his ZNLine Xigris to John Michael Bird. Club member Wayne Gillis had a Xigris for sale that was in pristine condition (only 2 flights since being built)  and it was scooped up bySandy Kirk after he suffered a couple motor failures over the weekend.

We had three new Sportsman flyers and they all seemed to have a great time at the event. Hopefully they will all continue next year!

I mentioned in my August 31st update that I was curtailing my duties within the NSRCA and looking for someone to carry on the monthly K-Factor articles. I have had no responses to date so the Canadian content will sadly fall silent after the October edition. Bummer.

September 12th, 2015 – Just heading down to the VRCMS RC Field to take in the BC Precision Aerobatics Championships this weekend. This is the last event of the season in Canada and it looks like the weather gods are with us. Clear skies & light winds forecast. Michi Akimoto and Stan Anderson are co-CD’s and I am really enjoying the laid back atmosphere compared to my last event 🙂

Look for updates on scores etc on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook page here

September 9th, 2015 –  My Events page seems to be back to normal… for now! I have added another item to the For Sale page for those looking for another plane to transition into.

The flight box is in place at Michell Airpark for this weekend’s season wrap up event the BCPA. Looks like a few U.S. folks are coming up to join in the fun along with the usual mainland suspects 😉

CD Michi Akimoto has been hard at work practicing as much as possible (I see him on the club camera) and will have everything prepared for the event this weekend.

September 7th, 2015 – I am having issues with my Events page. Attempting to find a fix but in the meantime BCPA info here.

September 4th, 2015Xavier Mouraux is on site at the Bay of Quinte event and has posted some pictures on the Canadian Precision Aerobatics FB page here. I suspect there will be more over the weekend.

Added a BJCraft Bi-Side to the For Sale page.

August 31st, 2015 – Just a reminder for our folks back in Ontario that next weekend the Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers are hosting a two day precision aerobatic competition. Details are on theEvents page and include a downloadable flyer for those interested. FAI are flying P-17 🙂

For those folks that have an NSRCA membership, one of the main benefits is the monthly K-Factor Magazine that covers precision aerobatics in the USA and also Canada (Yes I am the present representative:-). With my busy August schedule I was unable to meet the September deadline for submittal and subsequently did not file a September report. I apologize for this and offered our activeCanada F3A Team Blog as a replacement for this in my August article.

As I am planning to curtail some of my RC related activities in the coming months, I am looking to find a replacement “Representative” that would provide updates and reports on the Canadian Precision Aerobatics scene on a monthly basis. I have notified Jon Carter, President of the NSRCA of my plans and my last article submission will be for the October K-Factor Edition.

If you would like to offer your writing services then please contact me directly and I will run you through the basic requirements. It’s a good opportunity to work with some very dedicated people at the top of the NSRCA and put your thoughts out in print. The position must ultimately be approved by the NSRCA BOD but I am sure a recommendation by myself will carry some weight 🙂

As the FAI pilots are already moving towards P-17 for our last few contests in Canada, I have added both P & F-17 powerpoint presentations to the Schedules page for download and subsequently removed the “old’ 2015 schedules 🙂

Once again the US are moving to a new Advanced and Masters sequence for 2016 and as we generally follow them for these particular classes, you can expect a change to our Canadian schedules as well, baring any changes/objections of course.  Due to timing issues and the way MAAC adopts committee recommendations at the BOD in the late spring, these changes are not “official” in that sense but as history has proven, the MAAC Precision Aerobatics Committee’s recommendations always seem to carry. 🙂

You can expect the new NSRCA’s 2016 sequences to be approved and published shortly following the their approval by the NSRCA BOD this coming Wednesday.  I will post/link them once they are approved.

Looks like the plane sales and swaps have begun early this year as my Oxai Galactik has found a new home following it’s back up duties at the recent FAI F3A World Championships. Hartley Hughson has been eying it up since last year and is now the new owner. He will be flying it at the BCPA event in a couple weeks time.  Seems his ZNLine Xigris has found a new home in Victoria as well 🙂

August 29th, 2015 – Managed to get out and fly P-17 yesterday with my caller/spouse Kelly andMichi Akimoto. We flew out the kinks as we now prepare for the BCPA Event on the 12th & 13th of September. The FAI guys had voted to move on to P-17 for the challenge:-) Michi had his winter plane, the Vanquish out as his other planes are still in the shipping boxes. Still has the same mud all over it as well 🙂

I have updated the Team Canada F3A 2015 picture page with edited pictures and captions. Check them out here

August 24th, 2015 – We arrived home safely last night after a 21 hour journey. The planes all made it home in good condition as well so a big thank you to Stan Anderson for the fine box construction!!!

I will be updating the Team’s blog page with my final thoughts on the event. You can check it out here at

It was an incredible experience and I was very proud of the effort our guys & gals put in to make this all happen.

As most of you know, the hot weather conditions has produce forest fires in many areas of our country. Although most MAAC members and our Precision Aerobatic brethren are in the loop this is a reminder to everyone about the potential for legal action should you fly anything in a fire zone.

This Alert was sent out today……

Transport Canada issued a Civil Aviation Safety Alert to remind all persons operating unmanned aircraft (model aircraft and unmanned air vehicles or UAVs), for any purpose, about the safety impacts and consequences of interfering with manned aircraft operations, including firefighting aircraft.

This summer, a number of incidents occurred in British Columbia where manned aircraft fighting forest fires were grounded due to interference from unmanned aircraft. The Canadian Aviation Regulations state that no unauthorized person shall operate an aircraft within 5 nautical miles (9 km) of a forest fire or within any associated restricted airspace.

The Civil Aviation Safety Alert is also a reminder of the consequences of contravening regulations pertaining to the use of unmanned aircraft.

August 22nd, 2015 – Just arrived back in Zurich, Switzerland after a great trip around the neighboring  countries with Pat and Hartley Hughson. Saw many great sites along the way. I will be updating the team’s blog in the next few days with my thoughts on the Worlds.

I have updated the For Sale page with a new listing.

August 1st, 2015 – Our fellow flyer Xavier Mouraux is attending the Penguin Pattern Contest held at the Oneida Lake Flyers site in New York State next weekend. He will be flying the P-17 schedule and we wish him well.

I am now winding down updates to this site as I prepare to head off to the F3A World Championships. I will join fellow teammates Chad Northeast, Michi Akimoto, Ethan Chariandyand Team Manager Hartley Hughson. Also joining us will be our helper crew consisting of Agnes Northeast, Liyan Bai (Akimoto) & little Keiko, Colin Chariandy, Will & Stephanie Gross, Pat Hughson and Kelly Reaville.

Special thanks to all those folks that have supported the team and myself over the years and we look forward to competing on behalf of our fellow friends, fliers and country.  The team blog is active at

July 30th, 2015 – I have now finished work and started the “holiday” phase 🙂 I have been busy packing up planes for my trip to Switzerland. The excitement is building and I am really looking forward to the opportunity that lays ahead. A big Thank You to all those folks that have made donations to myself personally and to the Canadian F3A Team for 2015.

I use iWeb to design and publish all my websites and have had good success with it so far. Unfortunately this app was discontinued several years ago and has not had updates since. From time to time my pages take on a whole new look once published and I have no idea why. It can be buggy at times! Looks great on my computer but when I upload and go to the site a page can be all messed up. I try to catch these but sometimes they slip by. Sorry for that.

July 26th, 2015 – Darren Bowman sent over a picture of his repair work that he has completed on his Oxai Galactik. It suffered damage when the RX overheated and shut down just after takeoff at the KMAS event in June. Glad to see it returning to the skies! I have posted the picture here

Day 2 of the Oakville Milton contest goes today and we have had some updates on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook page here I suspect additional info will be forthcoming.

Some new photos albums from the AMA Nationals in Muncie last week have been posted by Keith Hoard and you can check them out here

I managed to get some flights in last night at my local field on my back up Galactik and will now start the packing process today. My focus will move away from this site in the coming days but you will be able to follow along at our Team social sites over the next few weeks. Team Blog , Team Facebook Page ,Team Website , Team Picture Album

The Team Blog is the one stop location with links to all these sites listed above (and many more) along with daily updates and comments form myself and fellow team members. Once again we are happy to have Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and English speaking team members to help with language issues… sorry no Swiss 🙂

July 24th, 2015 – A reminder that the Oakville Milton Precision Aerobatics Contest goes this weekend. Both Ethan Chariandy and Xavier Moureaux will be in attendance so that means we will get lots of great photos!! Thanks in advance E and X-Man!! I expect links to be posted somewhere so I’ll add them accordingly.

I had hoped to fly/practice with Michi today but we actually got rained out! First time in 9 weeks but we desperately need the precipitation.

July 23rd, 2015 – I have added the BC Grid for the 2015 Championships to the Schedules page. One more event and it will be complete for 2015 :-). Thanks to Hartley for getting it updated!

The 2015 AMA Nationals for Precision Aerobatics have wrapped up in Muncie, Indiana and although weather played a factor, they managed to complete the event today. Special congratulations and shout out to AC Glenn on taking the top spot in FAI this year. Well done from your friends up north! More details here

Xavier Mouraux posted numerous pictures on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook pagehere along with several albums you can find Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

The Canadian F3A Team received a $300 donation from CD Dave Blaby following the completion of the two Precision Aerobatic contests held at Spectrum field this year. The team thanks everyone that came out and made these event a success and for the kind donation!

July 20th, 2015 – Both Harry Ells and Xavier Moureaux are battling it out at the AMA Nationals in Muncie, Indiana. The weather (rain) has played havoc with the grass fields so activity is limited to the two paved runways. This could change if conditions improve. I expect Xavier will be posting from time to time on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook page hereWe wish them well. You can also follow along on the AMA’s Pattern Nationals FB page here

Pictures from the Pattern In The Valley event are now posted here and I have added a link on theEvents page to the individual scores.

I picked up my shipping boxes today from Stan Anderson and will be getting them ready to accept my planes in a week or so. Still a little early as I want to fly and practice some elements. Big thank you to Stan!!

July 19th, 2015 – We are now on the ferry heading back to Victoria after a great weekend of practicing, competing and socializing at the Pattern In The Valley Event. Great to see the return ofGordie Jack & wife Karen to the precision aerobatics scene. They both seemed to have a great time getting reacquainted with “family”.

Victoria’s Stan Anderson took home the grand prize in the Canadian F3A Team’s raffle draw today and was pretty happy about it. Stan is a great supporter of P.A. in our area and it was a bit of karma that he won the big prize. Congratulations Stan!

I have sent the scoring files off to Derek Koopowitz at the NSRCA and expect to have this site updated on the Events page with pictures etc, once I get home. Derek just went through a sudden medical procedure and is resting comfortably at home and is now on the mend. On behalf of all our Canadian flyers up north we wish him a speedy recovery as he gets ready to judge at the Worlds in Switzerland.

July 18th, 2015 – Day one of the PITV event is done as we enjoyed the 30 degree heat and the blow in winds. A good challenge for everyone. Tomorrow caps off with another two rounds of competition with FAI flying the F-15 schedule. The Canadian F3A Team will also be pulling a ticket for their main raffle prize at the awards ceremony. Who will take home a new plane???

We have an entourage of Canadians heading down to participate at the US Nationals in the “rain” state of Indiana. Xavier Mouraux will hopefully keep us abreast of the happenings as he arrived there today after a long drive from his home town.

I will get some links posted shortly for Nats related news once I get home on Sunday night.

July 17th, 2015- We are now camped out at the Spectrum RC Field just south of the town of Cloverdale, BC. with Hartley & Pat Hughson. This will be the venue for the Pattern In The Valleyevent going on this weekend. The flight line and box marker is all in and practice flights are underway. Both Darren Bowman and myself traded practice flights early with Michi Akimoto, Henry Piorun and Dave Blaby all arriving as well. We also mark the return of Gordie and Karen Jack to the precision aerobatics fold as they travelled down from Prince George to attend. Gord has been away for fifteen years and is excited to get back flying again.

Rumor has it that newly replanted Australian Peter Nieuwenhuizen will be coming up from the Seattle area to join in the fun. Norm Bryson from Kamloops is also planning to attend so it is shaping up to be a good contest all around. I will update as time permits but expect pictures and scores posted on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook page

July 13th, 2015 – Some housekeeping items… Updated the Events page with an individual score link for the KMAS event. See who got what 🙂

I added a contest report to the Reports page that Will Gross sent in to me for Red Deer and I also stole the results from the PA Facebook page and posted them here. One has to be nimble to get the goods 🙂

Updated the For Sale page with another complete airframe and added regular score sheets to theSchedules page along with the fillable version.

July 11th, 2015 – The One Day Red Deer Precision Aerobatic Contest goes today at the CARFF site in central Alberta. Event details are available here I hope to have scores and updates from Will Gross later on. Expect some info to appear on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook pagehere yes… that is a hint boys!

I have posted the “fillable” MAAC Score Sheets on the Schedules page for anyone in need of them. Note: If you are using the Master Scoring program they are built in and can be printed off as required.

Updated the For Sale page

July 5th, 2015 –The Canadian F3A Team drew another ticket for an early bird prize today with Dave Blaby taking home the Futaba 14SG Transmitter! He was talking about his next TX just the other day… karma maybe?

July 2nd, 2015 – Added a contest report here for the KMAS event and added a picture to the For Sale page.

July 1st, 2015 – Hope everyone is enjoying the Canada Day celebrations!

Details are sketchy but I understand that Brant Gladstone suffered some gear damage in Kamloops but his plane is repairable and will be back in the sky soon. Unfortunately Darren Bowman had an ESC cut out on his Oxai Galactik at approximately 25 feet following take off.  Henry called it the “death zone” as options are limited to straight ahead into whatever ground cover exists. Sadly it suffered significant damage as it returned to terrafirma.  I feel for him!

Another plane has been added to the For Sale page.  If you have a plane or gear sitting around gathering dust, why not sell it and pass along the pattern experience to someone new to the hobby. Just email and I will post your stuff for free…. I do get pretty good traffic so things do sell… sometimes very quickly 🙂

June 30th, 2015 – Individual scores and results for the Gord Silver Event are now posted here

June 29th, 2015 – Received and posted a contest report from Harry Ells for the Gord Silver Event. Unfortunately the weather was the main culprit in reducing attendance this year. I‘ve loaded theresults page with the Master Scoring pdf. and have forwarded the .xml contest file to Derek Koopowitz for listing individual scores on the NSRCA Results page… it should be up soon.

The Canadian F3A Team drew another ticket for an early bird prize over the weekend. Winner of the Spektrum RX was Klaus Moser of Victoria, BC. Congratulations Klaus!!  The next scheduled early bird draw is July 5th, 2015 for a Futaba 14SG Transmitter!

Word from the KMAS event has been a little light… I do know that a couple planes suffered some damage due to both pilot/thumb disconnect and equipment failure. Bummer any way you slice it. Weather was very hot and numerous pilots did not stay for the last day for various reasons. I hope to have a report from H.H. on the event shortly.

One new item has been added to the For Sale page.

June 28th, 2015 I have added a .pdf file of generic Canadian score sheets for those needing them. With most folks using the Master Scoring system the sheets are built into the program for printing but If your not using it then you need another source:-) Paul Brine was kind enough to make up a set and I have uploaded them onto the Schedules page.

With my work schedule interfering with my contest attendance this weekend I am living vicariously though Facebook Posts and emails. These posts and pictures are greatly appreciated and I thank all those that took the time to share the event pictures and results. So reporting from my kitchen table this morning this is what I know…..

The 8th Annual Gord Silver Memorial Precision Aerobatic Contest has ended after weather on Saturday stopped flying late in the day and today’s forecast was for wind & rain. This may have scared of some competitors as they only had 10 entered.  Xavier Moureaux posted pictures etc on the Precision Aerobatics Canada FB page

The KMAS Precision Aerobatics Contest in Kamloops, BC finishes off day two today with more warm weather in the forecast. Yesterday they battled through high temperatures as a heat wave blankets BC. Dave Blaby, Norm Bryson and Hartley Hughson have been posting pictures of the action on the web. Looking forward to more info coming out today.  I’ll update as applicable.

Another early bird prize gets given away this afternoon in Team Canada F3A 2015’s raffle draw. Still time to pick up a ticket and support the team. Details here

June 23rd, 2015 – The individual scores for the VRCMS contest are now posted on the NSRCA Results page here. You can look through and dissect the info at your leisure 🙂 Thanks to Derek Koopowitz for uploading these. BTW I have added a link on the Events page to individual scores for each event)

The VRCMS contest was once again fiscally managed and I am please to announce that we will be making a donation in support of the Canadian National F3A Team. The cheque is in the mail 🙂

June 22nd, 2015 – We spent an extra night at the RC field last night and visited with John & Gloria Maher so needless to say I am a bit behind today 🙂

I am putting together the report, results and a photo album from this weekends VRCMS Contest. (Just waiting for some incoming emails loaded with pictures) I hope to have it linked in the Eventspage by tonight. Check back later.

Breaking News!! A new Contest has been announced by Will Gross who will CD the Red Deer (1) One Day Precision Aerobatics Contest in Red Deer, Alberta on July 11th, 2015. All classes flown with 4 rounds with one dropped and FAI will fly 3 rounds of P-15 and 1 round of F-15 (all will count) I have added this to the Events page already and I suspect more details and sanction shortly.

A reminder that the KMAS event goes this coming weekend in Kamloops and it too is listed on theEvents page. Directions here

Also for our folks back East in Ontario, the 8th Annual Gord Silver Memorial Precision Aerobatic Contest, hosted by the Northumberland Electric Aviators, goes next weekend as well. Action everywhere!

Looks like a few folks from that area will be heading down to compete in the AMA Nationals next month. We wish them well and hope for some reports etc. on the Canadian Precision Aerobatics FB page. I will post some AMA links that will give scores and reports on a daily basis.

June 20th, 2015 – Day one of the VRCMS Contest is in the books after completing four rounds under sunny skies. We will finish up tomorrow and then head our separate ways until the next event in Kamloops. I’ll update with results, pictures and a report once I finish packing up after the contest on Sunday. Lots of work to do!

June 19th, 2015 – We are now set up and camped out at the VRCMS field on Lochside Drive. The Hughson’s new rig is parked alongside two other Arctic Fox trailers so it looks a bit like an Northwood RV jamboree:-). Steady rains fell through Thursday night bringing some relief to the parched landscape but the sun greeted us again this morning. We managed to complete the field prep with box markers installed and the the cook shack prepped. Lots of practice flights ensued with Henry Piorun landing his Galactik at 9 PM precisely. (Club Curfew)  A few more folks still arriving late tonight.

I’ll try to update as best I can but it’s hard to find the time as CD, liaison, cook, and sometimes flyer 🙂 Look for pictures and updated info on the Canadian Precision Aerobatics FaceBook page here.

June 12th, 2015 – I have been working hard lately so updates have been scarce. Sorry! Seems the company is short pilots so we are all working more hours each month with no extra time off available. This is going to cause me some grief with my schedule but that’s life! Managed to get in some flights last night before the wind storm came ripping in! For a moment I thought I was in Calgary!!! 🙂

Pat & Hartley Hughson are, as I type this, at the RV dealer picking up a new house/RV today near Abbotsford. They will immediately take it on a break-in run up to High Country Flyers site near Logan Lake, BC. This is the site of this weekend’s Pattern Primer that Hartley and Norm Bryson are hosting.

The High Country Pattern Primer  is intended to introduce precision aerobatics to locals as well as provide advice & input to those already flying it. Any plane & pilot is welcome to attend and the weather is supposed to be great! Hopefully not too much smoke with the fires popping up near Lytton. You can also stop in and get a tour of their new trailer 🙂  Details are on the Events page.

In Eastern Canada they will also be running the Fergus Model Flyers Pattern Primer the same day… how convenient 🙂 Details are on the Events page.

Henry Piorun has his Oxai Acuracy Bipe ready to go and I believe it will be flying it’s first of many flights today or tomorrow. He has posted some pictures on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook page here . We already know he will like it:-) He plans to have it with him in Victoria next weekend……

And just a reminder that next weekend is the VRCMS Precision Aerobatics Contest that goes at the club’s Lochside Field location. Again additional details are on the Events page. I have been informed that Marty Massie will be making the trip down to join in the fun. I also expect the new Hughson trailer to attend 🙂

May 31st, 2015 – I have added the MAAC 2015 Precision Aerobatics Rule Book to the Schedulespage and updated the P.A. Committee listing on the Links/Blogs page.

Congratulations to Lee Smith of Victoria who was the latest winner in Team Canada’s draw.

May 25th, 2015 – We arrived home today safe and sound after a 10 day RV trip through the Pacific Northwest. The trip was bookended with RC contests first in Cloverdale, BC and then Richland, WA. I had a great time at both events as well as some R & R  learning about petrified wood, huge floods and Wind Power in the Wanapum area near Vantage, WA. … and a visit to the Cave B winery 🙂

The PITV event has been covered already and I expect Patrick Harris of the D-8 gang will have info out on the Richland event (Spring Kickoff) in due course. I’ll pass along anything that comes my way but they do have some pictures etc on the D-8 Facebook Page here.

Both Michi Akimoto and myself really appreciated the comments and critiquing that came with each event & flight and have already started to apply tweaks to our own flying.

We missed having Pat & Hartley Hughson with us but they have sold their house in Sechelt and are in the midst of moving into 26 feet of luxury RV 🙂

May 22nd, 2015- We arrived at the TriCity RC Fliers field after a one hour drive from our campsite yesterday. Met up with Bill  & Brett Bowen, Lyle Laughery, Jim Hiller and a few other club members. Managed 4 flights before the skies threatened and we all stopped flying. Today we hadRex Lesher and Gordon Anderson out early for practice along with several others including Bill Carder. Stiff winds prevailed but we all put in practice rounds until 3 in the afternoon. I helpedDennis Cone and Bill get the lines put in for two flight boxes when winds picked up and rain showers moved in.

Updated Pictures for PITC 2015 here

May 20th, 2015 – Updated the Events page with PITC contest report and results. I will update with pictures when time and connectivity permits. (I am on the road to Richland, WA)

May 17th, 2015 – Just relaxing after a great weekend of competition at the PITC event. I’ll have the scores posted here shortly but there are some pictures & scores posted on the PA Canada FB sitehere

The main focus for myself and other team members was to get critique and feedback on our flying as we prepare for the Worlds. I certainly got it 🙂 and enjoyed the weekend for the most part. Some minor gear damage to my plane and missing a round was the only blemish. Special thanks to Kevin Forsyth for the repair materials!

Expect a contest report, results and pictures on the Events page soon.

May 15th, 2015 – Lots of people in for the contest at the Pattern In The City event. It’s definitely a change up from past contests with numerous pilots moving up in classes. This may lead to a bit of a top heavy event with lots of FAI and Masters pilots but it really doesn’t matter.. we are all here to enjoy the competition, renew friendships and get the contest season underway. I’ll try to update as time permits.

May 13th, 2015 – Once again we have our RV loaded and ready for the annual trek across the straights to the Pattern In The City event this coming weekend. Looks like it will be a good crowd as the first contest of the season gets underway Saturday morning. Numerous Albertans are expected as they flee the harsh winter climate and NDP government 🙂 and yes it snowed the other day in Calgary!

I even managed to find a place for that extra wing on the Acuracy! … and no wing tube to forget!! Updates and running scores will probably be posted up on the Precision Aerobatic website at with the final scores eventually uploaded to the NSRCA event page for viewing individual scoring per competitor.

The MAAC Precision Aerobatics Rule Book for 2015 is just going through some publication vetting and will be posted shortly. We will have an electronic “copy” at the competition should it be needed.

In an effort to get as much value out of our ferry trip off the i$land, Kelly and I will head down to Richland, WA and attend  District 8’s contest the following weekend. We plan to camp out along the route and enjoy a slow leisurely trip.  Stan Anderson and Michi Akimoto are also planning to attend… maybe even Henry Piorun??. That weekend replaces the former Wenatchee contest.

May 8th, 2015 – The MAAC AGM is now complete and the adoption of the changes that the Precision Aerobatic Committee recommended are now officially in place. The Advanced and Masters are now identical to the US folks so that should continue to help with cross border competition. Once again Scott Smith has come through and has these schedules as part of the MAAC selection within his Master Scoring program.

The timing of the AGM (and adopting of changes) has aways been a bit of a hiccup but the fact that they always accept them makes it easier for planning purposes 🙂 Expect a new 2015 PAC Rule Book out shortly.

Henry Piorun has just received his latest airframe from Oxai. He has joined the increasing fleet of Acuracy Biplanes that will fill the skies at contests on the west coast. He might even have it ready for the first contest next weekend in Cloverdale!

April 29th, 2015 – The sanction for the BCPA is complete and linked on the Events page under that event. I also updated the NSRCA Website Events page for Canada.

April 28th, 2015 – The sanction for the BCPA has now been submitted and we should see the information published shortly. Expect the last few contest sanctions to be completed soon.

I had asked the question” Why” regarding the new sanctioning process and my sources say that the reason for the change was that “someone” had sanctioned an event without the approval of that club’s executive. The fix by MAAC was to now make people go through the applicable club’s executive to ensure sanctions are properly vetted and completed correctly. I am also told that the process will become more streamlined in the future as members get registered with MAAC (as CD’s etc)

April 27th, 2015- I have updated the Events page with additional information for both the Gord Silver and BQAC contests. Thanks Harry!

With the introduction of a new MAAC website we have found both improvements as well as difficulties in it’s functionality. Before the recent change, event sanctioning was a relatively easy process but I have been informed that to complete the task, one must now go through their respective “Club president or Club MAAC Contact Person”.

Not 100% sure why this is the case now but it’s just an additional step that has to be taken to get things organized. As this will undoubtedly add additional time to the process, CD’s are cautioned to submit it as soon as possible in order to get events properly sanctioned (and included in the MAAC Magazine if they desire). I have asked the question “Why this has changed?”… awaiting an answer as I type:-)

April 20th, 2015- Managed to get out with Michi Akimoto yesterday and assist him as he put in the maiden flight on his Oxai Acuracy bipe. We both spent time trimming our respective airframes before the crowd of flyers arrived 🙂 I am heading back out this morning with my plane!

Chad Northeast, Will Gross and Nedim Bek also gathered in Calgary yesterday for some practice time together. Will had his new Status trimmed out by Chad so it should be ready for action. Chad continues to do testing on the new Contra/Dinator motor combination and has been happy overall with the results. More design changes are forthcoming to improve the functionality and performance of this combo.

For the non contra crowd, the 3 blade Falcon 19.5 x 13 has been popular amongst pilots and I have recently tried it out on my plane. Good performance and speed control so far but need some serious wind to really put it to the test 🙂 Ethan Chariandy has one on his Acuracy and says his “wind tests” have been very positive. Looks like a viable option but you do pay for that extra blade 🙂

The sanction details for the Fergus Primer have been added to the Events page and the NSRCA Event Calendar here

April 12th, 2015 – After some weather delays I managed to get out and maiden my Acuracy yesterday. Very pleased with the setup so far but need more flights in smoother weather to get it dialed in properly.

The Team Canada F3A Raffle has been modified slightly with a final draw date of July 19th, 2015and noon Pacific Time. This will allow the team to draw it after the Pattern In the Valley awards are presented. Look for updates on the team’s website and Facebook page shortly. Tickets are still available!

April 5th, 2015 – Lots of action lately… well in between snow storms that is! Ethan Chariandy got his Acuracy monoplane out for some flights along with Chad Northeast with his newest Acuracy Bipe. Chad’s plane is the test bed for the new Plettenberg Dinator motor and Brenner V3 Contrasystem.  I have added some pictures to the team’s picture page here. Unfortunately both are grounded today due to SNOW! lol  (update: Chad did make it out later this afternoon.)

Hartley Hughson is over camping at Spectrum field for the weekend. He has managed numerous flights as the crowds have been non existent although I suspect Dave Blaby & Danny Gill will no doubt show up at some point.   BTW Pat & Hartley recently became grandparents once again with the arrival of granddaughter Quinn Xuan Hughson to proud parents Lam and Ryan Hughson! Congrats folks!

Will Gross has his newest plane ready in record time and managed to get out today and maiden his Status Bipe. I swear he left a bunch of parts out! LOL

Michi Akimoto has been getting the lawn cut & prepped in Victoria and soon it will be in good enough shape to bring out the high end airframe$. Looking forward to it! I have stepped down after 18 years as VRCMS Field Guy/Lawn Mower Operator to allow for more practice time. Michi along with three others have been brought in to replace me 🙂

As most of the FAI guys know the format will change in Canada with the way we score FAI rounds in 2015.  We will carry in 3 of the 4 best P-15 rounds and combine those with the best 1 of 2 rounds of F-15 to determine placement. This will give more emphasis to the P rounds going forward as we build skill levels for the World’s.

As most of the Canadian CD’s use Scott Smith’s Master Scoring Program to calculate contests scores, we have had him modify his program to include this change in calculation.  Now under FAI you can now select the “MaacFAI” format to make it all happen. I have added a link to the software download on the Links/Blogs page along with a pdf instruction sheet for those running XP still… like me 🙂 I will post this on the Precision Aerobatics Canada Facebook page under “files” as well. Special thanks to Scott for the great support!

Also just in… Congratulations go out the Red Deer resident and Team Supporter Harvey Fodor on his ticket being pulled for the Canadian F3A Team’s latest Early Bird Raffle prize. Harvey picked up a pair of Extreme Glare Pilot Style Sun Glasses.

March 29th, 2015 – I managed to get the Galactik out last Friday for my first flights of 2015. The field conditions were less than ideal due to soggy and long grass but I picked my spots and flew anyway. Such a nice change from the indoor stuff for me. Plane is flying well but I will wait until field conditions improve before heading back out with the new Acuracy 🙂

Will Gross has received his latest airframe from Noshioka. It’s the Status SP F3A and you can see details here. (Japanese required…Michi!!) Will is planning the Plettenberg Advanced 30-10 with Jetti Spin 99 controller and the Futaba S-Bus system.

Will has posted some pics on the Precision Aerobatics Canada FB page here. Yet another neat takeoff on the bottom scheme… love the variations we have seen over the years! He was out flying his Sensation bipe today with fellow flyer Alex Kensington and the smile on the faces said it all.

With the warmer weather coming we will see a huge increase in flights as we all start preparing for the first contests of the year. Out west it will be the Pattern in the City event in May that will kick things off for 2015. With the exception of Ethan Chariandy, I expect the rest of the Canadian National F3A Team to be in attendance.

March 21st, 2015 – Added a poster for the KMAS event on the Events page.

March 19th, 2015 – The Canadian F3P Team has wrapped up it’s flight participation at the Worlds. The preliminary results are now published and unfortunately none of the team members made it into the finals which go early tomorrow morning (Midnight on the West Coast). I am certain it was a great experience for them all and the takeaway will benefit us down the road. It looked like pretty stiff competition as I did manage to watch several rounds via the streaming video portal. Paul Hepworthsaid the stream was gobbling up the bandwidth so he had to wait to get back to his hotel to post pictures etc. but we all appreciated them very much.

Clearly the super light planes that moved at a snails pace of 10 mph gave the competitors a leg up by giving additional time and space to the schedule. It was unfortunate that Paul’s plane was damaged and the subsequent repairs increased the overall weight. He was probably a bit rattled as can be expected! All in all a good effort that we can build on in the years to come. Well done guys!

The F3P Final rounds go late tonight and the times are posted here

March 17th, 2015 – The F3P World Championships are underway in Poland and I have posted links on FB and other sites to watch the action. Might as well add it here as well 🙂 It usually comes on about midnight on the West Coast and runs through until 10:30 -11:00 am. Day 1 is over but you can catch Day 2 action here.

March 15th, 2015 – Dave Blaby advised me that the sanction is now complete for PITV contest so I have added it to the Events page along with additional links to several US contests that are just across the border. Thanks to Anthony Romano for pointing out a couple district errors on my last NSRCA calendar update… all fixed now!

The Model Aircraft Association of Canada has a new Facebook page at and Twitter account at@MAACCanada

Xavier Moureaux has posted some picture of his F3P Worlds trip presently going on in Poland hereand here along with FB posts at from both Xavier and Paul Hepworth. Thanks guys!! Keep them coming!

Scott Smith has sent a modified Master Scoring Program for us to check over. It will allow the new Canadian FAI scoring format (at local contests) to be selected as an option. Thank you Scott!!

March 9th, 2015 – I have managed to reestablish the MAAC contest sanction links on the Eventspage. You can once again click on these to view contest details. I am now waiting for just a few events to get sanctioned to complete the calendar. The Fergus Primer, KMAS, PITV, Gord Silverand BCPA should all be done shortly.

The Precision Aerobatics Committee is presently looking at a CD’s Handbook to help folks plan and then put on a contest. Paul Brine is the author and we expect this to be published and available for download on the MAAC site soon. I will also try and get a link added to the Schedules page once the document has been vetted. This will provide folks with the basics to consider should you or your club want to put on an event as well as some useful tips even if you’ve already been running them.

I’ve updated the Schedules page with links to the 2015 Masters and Advanced schedules from the NSRCA site. These include downloadable pdf files for Call Sheets, Descriptions, Power Point and Aresti.  As we are aligned for 2015 it only makes sense to get this info posted early 🙂

The NSRCA Website Contest Calendar here has been updated with all the Canadian Contests that I have both sanctions for and/or event dates. The others will be added once I get the info.

The Master Scoring software has been very popular with our group and will continue to be utilized in upcoming events. You can download the program at clicking on the appropriate link. The completed contest file, once sent to me, can by uploaded into the NSRCA results section and an accurate display of individual scores is then available.  This worked pretty well last year but only if the CD’s send me the file 🙂

I will be in touch with Scott Smith to see if we can get the program modified to score the FAI guys under the new format for Canada. ( 3 best rounds of P-15 plus the best round of F-15)

Side note: Dennis Peperkorn has sold his Gaudius to Bill Hurst so it’s been removed from the For Sale page.

March 8th, 2015 – Started my suntan early again this year! Just back home after a nice cruise out of Los Angeles down to several Mexican coastal ports.

A few news items…. The MAAC website is slowly coming back to life after some major changes. You can now view the sanctioned events and get details on upcoming activities. I will be fixing my Eventspage links in the coming days so that they work properly. Also both the Pattern In The Valley and the Pattern in the City events will be co-CD’ed by Dave Blaby and Hartley Hughson this year. I am told that the KMAS event is Kamloops should be sanctioned shortly as well.

With only a couple sanctions to go we should be set for another great years of contests in Canada!

The Team Canada Raffle has another “early bird” draw today and I was informed that ticket #66 was pulled with my wife Kelly’s name on it! Wonder what she is going to do with a new Duralite Power Box Digi-switch & Thunder Power 900 RX pack? I have a few ideas 🙂 Your husband and fellow teams members thank you for the support!

February 24th, 2015 –  The MAAC Website has undergone some changes. I have not been able to find the Events Calendar or the Sanction page… I suspect these are simply teething pains 🙂

Look for updates on the site in the coming days. The new site address is at

With the changes made to date… at this point all the links to sanctions on my Events page no longer work 🙁  I am hoping to repaired these as soon as I get the correct urls. Stay tuned!

February 22nd, 2015 – The mild weather on the west coast is a welcome sight after watching the folks in Eastern Canada dig out from huge snowfalls. Not to add insult to injury but the Spectrum filed folks have now done a second grass cutting on their great facility in Cloverdale! Dave Blaby had his new Mythos S out for some flights and it is looking good.

Even our guys in Victoria are thinking grass cutting as the mild weather prevails… it is only February though 🙁

The Canadian F3P Team is busy preparing for their trip to Poland in less than three weeks and they have had numerous team practice sessions. I am hoping Xavier Mouraux or Paul Hepworth will update us on the teams progress. You can also follow along on the Official site at and on the Team’s Facebook Page at

Our Canadian F3P Junior pilot, nine year old James Millson, will be the youngest competitor at the F3P Worlds competition and has been practicing hard. A brief video of him in action here 🙂 Awesome!

I have also updated the Events page with sanction details for the Pattern In the City at Spectrum in May, Pattern Primer at High Country Flyers and VRCMS in June and Oakville in July.

February 19th, 2015- Updated the Events page with dates for the Pattern Primer planned for the High Country Flyers field in June. With other events taking place in the zone, the powers that be felt necessary to adjust the date to allow more participation. Great idea! Just a couple more events to confirm and I will get the dates etc all posted and up on the NSRCA site and this one 🙂

February 14th, 2015 –  Just a reminder for those wishing to help support the Canadian F3A Team and get in on the raffle prizes…  There are only a couple hours to go before the start the first of many “Early Bird” draws in the team’s raffle. The best odds are right now! You can go to the team’sRaffle page or contact me at for more details. Good Luck!

UPDATE!! – I have been informed by the Team Manager that Victoria’s Lee Smith has won the first of many “Early Bird” prizes in the team’s fundraising raffle. Congratulations Lee!!

February 6th, 2015 – I invited the MAAC Precision Aerobatics Chairman over for the weekend to try and pry some info from him :- ) He advises that the rule book and the schedules for 2015 technically do not come into effect until the MAAC AGM motions & amendments have been tabled, discussed and subsequently passed. That said I will go out on a limb and announce that the new US Masters and Advanced schedules will become our Canadian versions for 2015.

I recently participated in the NSRCA Board Of Directors Conference call as the Canadian VP. Things are going well within the group both financially and with upcoming NATS planning. Rules proposal requests are underway until the middle of February.

They are also reviewing possible verbiage changes to the correct procedures for arming of electric planes with both safety and efficiencies in mind. Look for updates next month from the NSRCA President.

My Oxai Acuracy build is coming along and I am just waiting for some servo extensions to arrive before outfitting my airframe.  Getting close… common weather!!!

Updated the For Sale section

January 18th, 2015 – I have been in touch with Harry Ells and he advises that there is a new contest planned in his area (Ontario). It will be the BQAC Precision Aerobatics Contest on September 5th & 6th hosted by the Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers and they already have the sanction up at

We are also firming up dates on the BCPA event that is tentatively planned for September 12th & 13th, 2015.   CD Michi Akimoto will be in charge (Thanks Michi!) and the venue will be at the VRCMS field in Victoria once again. More details to follow.

Harry also mentioned that the Kawartha Lakes event is no more so that has been removed.

I have modified the Events page and along with some tentative dates for other Eastern events planned for this year. These include a modified section on some U.S. events just south of the border that can attract Canadian participation in both Western and Eastern Canada. I will get more concise information on these events in due course.

We are slowly getting the calendar filled and I really appreciate the contest info from CD’s… makes the process very easy and helps everyone plan their year out. I will start populating the NSRCA Calendar for Canada as well and get links to contest sanctions once everyone gets them sent to MAAC.  Hint, hint.

Chad Northeast has received his second Oxai Acuracy and will begin installing components shortly. He posted numerous pictures on the Team Canada F3A 2015 Facebook page and Precision Aerobatics Canada F/B page.   Both Michi Akimoto and myself are also starting our builds now with motor mounts and battery trays getting measured up and installed.  This will be the first time in my recollection that the Canadian F3A Team will fly the same aircraft at a World Championships 🙂 (Our Junior pilot Ethan will fly the monoplane version)

Victoria’s Sandy Kirk took possession of a ZNLine Twister from Lee Smith recently. Sandy has the plane set up and inspected and hopes to get out as soon as the weather starts to cooperate. He is smiling a lot and is pumped for the upcoming contest season.

January 10th, 2015 – I have updated the Events page with District 8’s planned contests for those interested in traveling down and participating. It also included a Judging Seminar and the Precision Aerobatics Nationals in Muncie.

I have been in touch with folks back east to firm up dates for events in that area as well as US events just south of the border for those folks interested in attending. I’ll post them here and the NSRCA site as soon as I get them.

Special thanks go out to my fellow VRCMS club members who made personal donations items to help support both Michi Akimoto and my trip to Switzerland.  It is greatly appreciated of course!

Added the FAI Rule Book for 2015 to the Schedules Page.

January 3rd, 2015 – Wow it’s here already… another year of precision aerobatics events and news coming our way. Lots of events starting to take shape and I hope to get the Events page populated with dates etc in the coming months. I will also be updating the NSRCA site as well.

I even managed to get down to the field on New Years day and chatted with the die hards that flew.

I am in the process of ordering the usual “parts list’ for my latest plane. Pretty much have it all decided and I’ll use the S.Bus technology in my 18MZ and onboard equipment to the max on this one. Gotta try and get it lighter than Michi’s plane 🙂