January 7, 2018 – The Precision Aerobatics committee has voted in favour of all three decisions.  Therefore, the F3P team trials will be held in Cobourg, ON on March 10, 2018.  There is no longer a Masters class in Canada, and the advanced class will be flying the FAI A18 Advanced in 2018.  The downloads page will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

December 28, 2017 – The Pattern Committee is contemplating 3 decisions:

Item 1 – This proposal is to hold the F3P team trials in Cobourg, ON on March 10, 2018.

Item 2 – This proposal is to drop the Masters schedule from MAAC  precision aerobatics competition.

Item 3 – This proposal is for schedule change for the Advanced class

A – No change to current schedule.

B – Change to FAI A18 Advanced schedule

C – Change to the new AMA advanced Schedule.

For item 2, The thinking appears to be that since FAI-P is so close in difficulty to Masters that Masters class has become redundant.  However, it is unclear what the alternative to dropping Masters is; obviously we keep Masters but which sequence has not been decided.

For item 3, the proposed sequences are:

B – FAI Advanced

1 Takeoff Sequence

2 Triangle loop with ½ roll, ½ roll

3 Figure Et with consecutive two ½ rolls in opposite directions, ½ roll  

4 Cuban 8 with roll, roll  

5 Half square loop with ½ roll

6 Reverse Cobra Roll with consecutive two ¼ rolls  

7 Spin with two turns  

8 Figure 9 with ½ roll  

9 Push-Pull-Push Humpy-Bump with, consecutive two ¼ rolls

(Option: with ¼ roll, ¼ roll)

10 Stall Turn with ¾ roll, ¼ roll  

11 Half Reverse Cuban 8

12 Knife-Edge flight with ¼ roll, ¼ roll

13 Immelman Turn with ½ roll

14 Loop with ½ roll integrated  

15 Half Square Loop on Corner

16 Double Key  

17 Half Cuban 8 with ½ roll  

18 Square Loop with, ½ roll, ½ roll  

19 Landing Sequence


 C – AMA Advanced

01 Takeoff Sequence

02 Double Stall turn with 3/4 Rolls up, 1/4 Roll down

03 Half Square Loop, 2 of 2 Roll up

04 Double Immelman with Full Roll, 1/2 Roll

05 Goldfish with 1/2 Roll in second 45

06 Avalanche

07 Top Hat, 3/4 Roll up, 1/4 Roll down

08 Slow Roll

09 Stall Turn, 1/2 Roll down

10 Cobra Roll, 1/2 Roll up, positive Snap Roll down

11 Shark’s Tooth with 1/2 Roll up and two 1/2 Rolls opposite on 45

12 Square “S” with 1/2 Roll in middle horizontal leg

13 Split “S” Roll Combo with 1/2 Roll, 1/2 Loop, 1/2 Roll

14 Square Loop on Corner with 1/2 Rolls in legs 1 and 4

15 Humpty Bump with Options

16 Four Point Roll

17 Half Square Loop with a 2 of 4 Roll

18 ½-Turn Spin, 1/2 Roll

19 Landing Sequence

If you have any thoughts on the proposals, please drop me an email.

August 27, 2017 – Schedules for Masters 2018 (proposed) and FAI P and F 19 are now available on the Sequences page.

March 31, 2017 – Added a page for our 2017 F3A Team Canada along with a donation button.

February 19, 2017 – Updated the events page with all the known Western Canada and NSRCA District 8 contests.

January 7, 2017 – Looking forward to an exciting 2017 flying season!  A few changes for the site; I won’t be updating the news and the facebook page is a much better medium for that information.  I will keep it updated with the event calendar, contest reports, and media files that pattern flyers will find useful.

June 27, 2017 – Added the contest report and standing from the Gord Silver memorial contest this past weekend.  Also added some pictures from the Victoria contest.

June 21, 2017 – A note from the MAAC Pattern Chairman:

Because of the Nov. 2017 date for the WC in Qatar, some of our regular F3A pilots decided to pass this time. After the registration date for our team trials, we had three pilots sign up. Our team for 2017 is, Michi Akimoto, Henry Piorun and Xavier Mouraux.