Schedules & Downloads

Links and documents for the current and near future rules, schedules, score sheets, presentations and any other supporting documentation we can find.  If you’ve got a good resource link, send it to us!


Class Call Sheets Descriptions PowerPoint Aresti
Sportsman Sports CS Sports Desc Sports PPT Sports Arsti
Intermediate Interm CS Interm Desc Interm PPT Interm Arsti
Advanced FAI A18 CS FAI A18 Desc FAI A18 PPT FAI A18 Arsti
FAI Prelims FAI-P19 CS FAI-P19 Dscr FAI-P19 PPT FAI-P19 Aresti
FAI Finals FAI F19 CS FAI-F19 Desc FAI-F19 PPT FAI-F19 Aresti
F3P Interm F3P Inter CS F3P Inter Desc
F3P Advance Aresti AA 19
F3P FAI P F3P AP19 desc Aresti AP 19
F3P FAI F F3P AF19 desc F3P AF19 Arsti

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Precision Aerobatics Scoring Programs (Windows)

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