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Class Call Sheets Descriptions PowerPoint Aresti
Sportsman Sports CS Sports Desc Sports PPT Sports Aresti
Intermediate Interm CS Interm Desc Interm PPT Interm Aresti
 Advanced 18* Advanced CS & Desc Advanced 18 Desc Advanced 18 PPT Advanced 18 Aresti
Advanced 20 FAI A20 FAI A20 Desc FAI A20 PPT FAI A20 Aresti
FAI Prelim 19 FAI-P19 CS FAI-P19 Dscr FAI-P19 PPT FAI-P19 Aresti
FAI Prelim 21 FAI-P21   FAI P-21 PPT FAI P-21 Aresti
FAI Finals 19 FAI F19 CS FAI-F19 Desc FAI-F19 PPT FAI-F19 Aresti
FAI Finals 21 FAI-F21   FAI F-21 PPT FAI F-21 Aresti
F3P Interm F3P Inter CS F3P Inter Desc   F3P Inter Aresti
F3P Advanced       Aresti AA 19
F3P FAI P   F3P AP19 desc   Aresti AP 19
F3P FAI F   F3P AF19 desc   F3P AF19 Aresti
* For 2019 the FAI A18 schedule will continue to be flown in Canada’s Advanced class.


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