F3A Team Canada 2023


We have another awesome team to send to the 2023 World Competition in Australia! These pilots are experienced competitors with several Worlds under their belts and extensive history with F3A both personally and professionally. Please take a moment to get to know our team members.

Team Manager Dave Reaville has a blog on Team Canada F3A 2023 Facebook page to keep everyone up to speed on the latest.

Chad Northeast


Multi-time team member Chad Northeast will be leading the Canadian team’s 2023 charge at the worlds.

Michi Akimoto


Michi started flying RC helicopters, with help from local flyers, while he was still in school in Japan. As time went on he also enjoyed flying airplanes and gliders. After finishing a one year exchange program between two countries in the mid 90’s, Michi moved to Canada and has been living in Victoria, B.C., ever since. After attending a local pattern contest one day he discovered the fun of precision aerobatics flying and in recent years he’s been focusing on F3A Precision Aerobatics.

Michi has represented Canada at the 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 World Championships. Michi is an electronics hardware design engineer and his wife and daughter are his biggest supporters.

Henry Piorun


Henry started building and flying model airplanes when he was 10 or 11 years old. Rubber powered, free flight, control line you name it he probably built it. He taught himself to fly R/C in 1974 with a little scratch built airplane called the Q-Tee that he built from plans that were in Model Airplane News magazine. Shortly after that he bought his first pattern plane, a used “Nutcracker”.

Henry competed in his first pattern contest in 1976 and fell in love with the sport. He won the Canadian Nats in 1980 in the Masters class, (that was FAI back then). Henry was a member of the Canadian team in 1985 and attended the 1985 world championship in Holland. Henry stopped flying after 1995 to pursue other interests but then got the bug again in 2008 and started all over in IMAC and pattern.

If you’d like to support Team Canada, please consider making a donation to offset the costs of registration, travel, accommodation and all the other costs that are incurred in putting Canada’s F3A team on the world stage. Thank you for your support!